About Me

My name is Andrew Robbins. I am an ameture mathematician, and a professional computer programmer. I have attended school at Solano Community College (CA) and Montgomery College (MD).

My primary interests are Mathematics, Music, Science, and Technology. In Math, my studies generally include differential equations (34-xx), dynamical systems (37-xx), and functional equations (39-xx). In Music, I mostly enjoy alternative rock, and new age music, although I also play piano. Most of the songs I play on piano I have composed myself. In Technology, I do a bit of computer programming, and I am very familiar with most types of software. I know many programming languages, and I regularly use 6 of them: C/C++, ECMAScript (aka ActionScript, JavaScript, JScript, LiveScript, etc.), Haskell, Perl, Python, and Shell (bash). In general, I perfer Gnome over KDE, C over C++, ODF over MSOOXML, Scheme over Common Lisp, and YAML over XML.

My other websites

For more information about me, and some links to my other websites, see my personal website.