BirdF2L (Advanced2 F2L Algorithms)

A popular method of solving the 3x3x3 cube is called CFOP (Cross, F2L, Orientation, Permutation). After the cross (in Speffz, u, v, w, x), there are 8 pieces left to solve the first two layers (F2L), four groups of pairs. Each pair is composed of a corner piece and an edge piece. For more introductory resources see the links below.

There are already advanced F2L resources available elsewhere (for example: SpeedSolving, ExpertCuber, CubeFreak (has image problems), Opticubes (has existence problems), JPerm's YouTube Channel, etc.). This is a little more advanced because we cover all 167 cases including OLL (Vj). For more information about OLL and PLL algorithms, use Birdflu which has all LL algorithms 17 HTM or less (we only include 9 HTM or less for LL).

We use Speffz notation here. Corners are written in uppercase. Edges are written in lowercase. The target slot is always Vj (Front Right), and the Speffz notation is used to specify where each piece comes from. This is the opposite of traditional LL (Last Layer) algorithm notations, which specify where the pieces are going.

Click on the pattern image to see algorithms associated with that pattern. Click on a row to see the OLL associated with that algorithm. Click on the Show button to link to SpeedSolving's 3D cube app. You may also use the menu at the top on all pages, but it only includes basic F2L, so to see all advanced cases just click on BirdF2L to get back to this page.

Cases involving Vj slot:
Ca Ce Ja Je Ma Me
Cb Ci Jb Ji Mb Mi
Cc Cm Jc Jm Mc Mm
Cd Cq Jd Jq Md Mq
Cj Cp Jj Jp Mj Mp
Kb Ki Pb Pi Vb Vi
Kj Kp Pj Pp Vp Vj
Cases involving Uf and Vj slots: (Moved Uf slot away to hide red and white for clarity)
Cf Cl Jf Jl Mf Ml
Gb Gi Lb Li Ub Ui
Gf Gl Lf Ll Uf Ul
Gj Gp Lj Lp Uj Up
Kf Kl Pf Pl Vf Vl
Cases involving Vj and Wn slots: (Moved Wn slot away to hide green and white for clarity)
Cn Ct Jn Jt Mn Mt
Kn Kt Pn Pt Vn Vt
Ob Oi Tb Ti Wb Wi
Oj Op Tj Tp Wj Wp
On Ot Tn Tt Wn Wt
Cases involving Vj and Xr slots: (Added discretionary y2, u2, y2, D2, y2, respectively)
Ch Cr Jh Jr Mh Mr
Kh Kr Ph Pr Vh Vr
Hb Hi Sb Si Xb Xi
Hj Hp Sj Sp Xj Xp
Hh Hr Sh Sr Xh Xr
Cases involving 3 slots: (Added discretionary y D2y2 D'y' D2y2 Dy' Dy D',  respectively)
Gn Gt Ln Lt Un Ut
Gh Gr Lh Lr Uh Ur
Of Ol Tf Tl Wf Wl
Oh Or Th Tr Wh Wr
Hf Hl Sf Sl Xf Xl
Hn Ht Sn St Xn Xt